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Happy Thanksgiving!

My best to you all. May your day be bountiful with all you desire. Advertisements

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A Thanksgiving Dinner Menu (Revisiontist History)

So, the conventional wisdom at my home is that a pasta dish was not a part of the original Thanksgiving Feast. Hogwash, its clear from all that is reasonable that macaroni with Sunday sauce was on the bountiful table and … Continue reading

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Tents Under The Bridge: Shouldn’t We Be Doing Something About This?

Nestled between the highway noise of the interstate 490, the rumbling freight, the sleek Mercedes whisks, the rushing waters of the Genesee and the inviting, no – mouthwatering, billowing smoke of the bbq joint, sits a village of tents. No, … Continue reading

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Thinking About Buying A Home? Why You Should Buy Sooner And Not Later!

According to news just released by Freddie Mac, mortgage rates are expected to rise to an average of 4.6% next year.  Coupled with rising home prices this will mean that affordability will be impacted.  Not as good as current affordability … Continue reading

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ARM? CMA? EIK? FSBO? And Other Confusing Real Estate Lingo

Real Estate, like all industries, has its own vernacular. And to make matters even more confusing for the unsuspecting consumer is the fact that we speak in acronyms and abbreviations.   But you don’t have to be confused! You can read or … Continue reading

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Fall Curb Appeal for Your Home

I always get asked how to maintain a homes curb appeal in the fall.  Its easy in the spring and summer when everything is green and colorful but the fall and even winter can be a challenge.  Mary Chao, Democrat … Continue reading

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Thinking of Buying or Selling a Home?

Buying or Selling? Contact me for a no obligation review of your real estate goals.

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