Items most movers won’t move

Depending upon the state in which you live (or are moving to), there are some things your movers will not move. To save time and headache, ask for a list of items from your moving company.

Some items will not be moved because they pose a danger to you and the mover. They can also damage your belongings as well. For those reasons, the insurance companies that cover the movers will not allow certain items to be transported.

If the company you choose does not supply you with a list, be sure to ask for one.

Hazardous, flammable and explosive material

Of course, some of these items you will want to take with you. Some you should consider leaving behind or taking to places that will properly dispose of them. Some common hazardous items include: acids, bleach and solvents; ammunition and weapons; flammable and explosive material such as kerosene, fireworks, propane tanks, aerosol cans, fertilizer, charcoal, engine oil and gas.

Perishable items

Moving companies will avoid taking perishable items simply because if there is a delay in delivery, items will spoil or die. These items include food, plants and pets. Regarding house and outdoor plants – check with your new home state concerning any plants that you may or may not bring to your new home.

Personal and financial

You should personally transport any items or anything of a financial or personal nature that cannot be replaced. Items that would be very inconvenient if the moving truck is delayed are also included on this list:

  • Cash and jewelry
  • Bonds, financial statements, stocks and checkbooks
  • Address books, photos and personal files
  • Keys, both car and home
  • Computers and software
  • Medicine

This is by no means a complete list. Check with your moving company representative for a complete list of items they will not transport to your new home.

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